5-Minutes with Mike Clark: The Connection Between Business Architecture and Customer Experience

5-minutes with Mike Clark

Whynde Kuehn interviews customer experience (CX)  guru, Mike Clark, on the interconnectedness of business architecture and CX. Mike is the founder of Cohesion 360, a small but leading consultancy in London with international scope, which focuses on helping organizations leverage digital and mobile technologies to deliver meaningful customer outcomes. Mike has led numerous business architecture practices for a variety of Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Clark is renowned for bringing innovative approaches to existing disciplines, most notably bringing design into the world of architecture, to create better outcomes for customers. He is also co-creator of the Cohesive Enterprise Design Framework, which brings together architecture and design, with the aim of turning customer insights and business outcomes into viable products and services. Mr. Clark has also served as an advisory board member of the Business Architecture Guild®.

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