Whynde Kuehn, business architecture expertWhynde Kuehn

Whynde Kuehn is Founder and Principal of S2E Consulting Inc. She founded S2E to help clients bridge the gap between strategy and execution, and achieve their greatest visions for business transformation in a practical and business-focused way. Whynde Kuehn has extensive experience in enterprise transformation and planning, and was a key player in one of the largest business transformations in the world. She also led one of the largest business architecture consulting practices prior to starting S2E.

With a strong track record of creating successful teams that become embedded into their organizations, Whynde most enjoys helping clients to build their own business architecture practices. She also provides business architecture training and has developed and taught comprehensive, large-scale business architecture training programs for the public and for clients.

A long-time business architecture practitioner, educator and globally recognized industry thought leader, Whynde Kuehn regularly speaks, writes and chairs/co-chairs events with a mission to advance best practices and facilitate community across the world. Whynde is a Co-Founder, Board Member, and Editorial Board Chair of the Business Architecture Guild, a not-for-profit organization focused on the advancement of the business architecture discipline. She also founded the New York Business Architecture Community (NYBAC), and is Co-Founder and Partner of Business Architecture Associates, an educational organization dedicated to business architecture training. Whynde also serves as a Senior Consultant for Cutter Consortium, a global information technology research company. In 2017, Whynde authored and launched StraightTalk, a regularly published professional blog that combines the latest discourse on the topic of business architecture, coupled with years of professional experience gained at leading Fortune 500 enterprises.