White Papers

Business Architecture — The Gateway to Transforming an Organization into an Agile Enterprise

External Resource: Business Architecture Associates

15 September 2018

This white paper, authored by S2E Managing Director Whynde Kuehn and William Ulrich TSG, Inc. President and BAA Partners, sheds light on root problems associated with realizing business strategies and offers game-changing solutions through business architecture. Business architecture enables organizational agility through effective, coordinated translation of business directives into targeted results from strategy formulation through strategy realization.

The Next-Generation Business Architect: The Bright Future Ahead

External Resource: Cutter Consortium

11 April 2018

As the business architecture discipline matures and becomes an established function in an increasing number of organizations, we can now address a more advanced set of questions. How is the ­business architect role evolving and how can business architects best be leveraged during this time of transformation? What demands has this evolution placed on the role? What is the career path for a business architect who has mastered the role? In this Executive Update, co-authors Whynde Kuehn (Senior Cutter Consultant) and Mike Clark explore some of the truths about the business architect role, potential focuses for the role, career path options, and what the future holds for a discipline that finds itself at the heart of business and technology change. (Available for Cutter Consortium members only).

Making the Customer Experience Real with Business Architecture

External Resource: Cutter Consortium

20 September 2017

Whynde Kuehn, S2E Founder, explores the emergence of Customer Experience (CX) design as a key discipline practiced by many organizations. CX has opened up some questions about how it relates to business architecture. This Cutter Executive Update provides an overview of the benefits and integration points between CX design and business architecture, two mutually beneficial disciplines, both critical to customer centricity and transformation (Requires Cutter membership).

Business Architecture Application Series

7 September 2017

Cutter Senior Consultant and S2E Principal Whynde Kuehn and Cutter Fellow and TSG, Inc. President William Ulrich teamed up to create a four-part series highlighting business architecture’s role as a critical enabler of organizations to effectively operate, transform, and compete. The complete series of Executive Updates is available to exclusively to Cutter members.

The Evolution of the Business Architect

3 July 2017

The way we interact with business is changing, from online to offline. Organizations are going through fundamental upheaval. At the heart of this change is the business architect. Once considered a niche role, the business architect is now one that most organisations have on the employee headcount, for tackling strategy to leading and shaping transformation.