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Making the Customer Experience Real with Business Architecture

External Resource: Cutter Consortium

20 September 2017

Whynde Kuehn, S2E Founder, explores the emergence of Customer Experience (CX) design as a key discipline practiced by many organizations. CX has opened up some questions about how it relates to business architecture. This Cutter Executive Update provides an overview of the benefits and integration points between CX design and business architecture, two mutually beneficial disciplines, both critical to customer centricity and transformation (Requires Cutter membership).

A New Vision For Strategy Execution

External Resource: Cutter Consortium

13 April 2017

This Executive Update (available to Cutter members only) casts a new vision upon strategy execution, an organizational capability that not only helps to ensure survival but can also be a source of competitive advantage.

The Business Architecture Practice: A Practical Approach to Establish and Mature Your Internal Practice

22 February 2017

Designed for Business Architecture Practice Leaders and Business Architecture Practitioners, this S2E Consulting white paper provides a pragmatic perspective on how to establish and mature a business architecture practice.

Business Architecture: Dispelling Ten Common Myths

27 October 2016

Business architecture is a maturing discipline and drawing significant interest from a variety of organizations worldwide. It serves as a bridge between strategy and execution, making activities such as business transformation, enterprise planning, portfolio management, and mergers and acquisitions more strategic and effective.

Business Architecture and the Customer Experience: A Comprehensive Approach for Turning Customer Needs Into Action

External Resource: Business Architecture Guild

1 October 2016

A Business Architecture Guild white paper for which Whynde Kuehn, S2E Founder, was a co-author. This foundational white paper establishes the relationship between business architecture and customer experience. Forthcoming papers will explore this relationship in more depth.

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