Service Offerings

S2E offers comprehensive management consulting services for a broad range of organizations—from Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and early-stage businesses to government organizations and non-profits. With our perspectives and methods always grounded in the bigger context of strategy execution, we serve clients in three major areas: business and digital transformation, strategy execution optimization, and business architecture practice development.

We assist organizations in orchestrating business and digital transformation from end-to-end, in a way that delivers results for the business and for the customer. We optimize the approach to define, achieve, adopt and sustain transformation as well as work hands-on to assist in any of these areas for a specific transformation.

We assist organizations by streamlining the strategy execution life cycle from end-to-end, creating overall organizational agility and competitive advantage. We also increase the effectiveness of key activities within the life cycle, such as project portfolio management, strategy translation and application portfolio management processes.

We are also masters at creating and maturing in-house business architecture practices, an essential discipline for bridging strategy and execution. This includes educating and mentoring business architecture teams and individual practitioners.

Additionally, we know how to grow your team through highly focused business architect placement services. S2E also facilitates opportunities to give back by applying business skills to help others—be they non-profits, small business, social enterprises or cross-sector social initiatives.

Yeah, we do a lot! Here’s a diagram that breaks all these services down into an easy-to-understand visual layout:


Business & Digital Transformation

Robust methods to orchestrate business and digital transformation:

  • Optimizing Your Transformation Approach
  • Enabling Your Transformation

Strategy Execution

Accelerate and increase the effectiveness of your organization:

  • Formulate, translate, plan and execute strategy from end-to-end
  • Perform capability-based planning
  • Conduct project portfolio management
  • Manage and rationalize the application portfolio

Business Architecture Practice Development

Establish and mature your internal business architecture capability by:

  • Building a knowledgebase
  • Applying business architecture for value
  • Developing your team and practice


  • Executive Leaders
  • Business/Digital Transformation Leaders
  • Portfolio Management and Planning Leaders
  • Business Architecture Practice Leaders
  • Business Architecture Teams


Business Architecture Education

Learn the business architecture discipline and prepare for the role through:

  • Business Architecture Training
  • Private Business Architecture Training, Coaching and Accelerated Preparation for Certification
  • Business Architecture Webinars
  • Business Architecture Hand-On Experience

Extensive Business Architecture Resource Library


  • Business Architecture Practitioners
  • Enterprise Architecture Practitioners
  • Business Analysts
  • Other interested stakeholders


Recruiting Services for Business Architecture Practice Leaders

  • Business Architect Placement
  • Business Architecture Team Advisory Services

Placement Services for Business Architects

  • Business Architecture Opportunity Search
  • Business Architect Role Coaching


  • Organizations needing to recruit business architecture talent
  • Talented business architects looking for unique opportunities


Applying An Architecture Mindset to Help Others

Help non-profit organizations, startups, social enterprises and cross-sector social initiatives to achieve their missions by leveraging business architecture and other techniques.

  • In-Person Organized Events
  • Immersion Experiences
  • Remote Participation
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  • Business and IT Architects
  • Strategy and Business Model Experts
  • Business and Process Analysts
  • Other Business Professionals