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Whether you are looking to improve the overall effectiveness of your strategy execution or get some assistance with a large change initiative, we help make your job easier. We take a top-down and business-driven approach to translate your objectives into comprehensive business and technology designs and priority initiatives to be executed across business units. You can rely on our experience and expertise as we have worked across every aspect of the strategy execution life cycle and have designed and led some of the largest known business transformations in the world.

Our Strategy Execution Offerings

For each of our strategic offerings below, we provide assessments, facilitated workshops and/or management consulting. Our assessments are typically 1-2 weeks and provide you with a detailed analysis and set of actionable recommendations. Our workshops are one or multiple day focused sessions, which combine learning the art of the possible with application in your environment so that you come out with a concrete set of actionable steps. Our management consulting engagements range from ongoing advisory to fully hands-on.

Strategy Execution Effectiveness

With today’s pace of change, an organization’s ability to execute strategies and other business changes quickly and effectively is moving from the realm of competitive advantage to necessary for survival. An assessment, workshops and/or consulting focused on increasing the effectiveness of the strategy execution life cycle, starting with strategy and objective formulation and translation, to business and IT initiative planning, through project execution.

Business Transformation

An assessment of your current transformation approaches, workshops and/or consulting focused on leading, designing and/or planning your transformation from a top-down, business-driven perspective. May include any type of major enterprise change initiatives such as digital transformations, shifts from a product-centric to customer-centric business model, major regulatory change implementations, etc.

Project Portfolio Management

An assessment, workshops and/or consulting focused on optimizing how initiatives are prioritized, scoped and tracked within and across portfolios and business units.

Application Rationalization and Portfolio Management

An assessment, workshops and/or consulting focused on rationalizing and optimizing the application portfolio by using a business lens to identify opportunities for improvement such as redundancy or risk.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

An assessment of your current M&A approaches, workshops and/or consulting focused on due diligence pre-deal and integration post-deal, using a top-down, business-driven perspective to more comprehensively and smoothly execute the merger or acquisition across business units, considering all facets of business and technology.

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