15-Minutes With Michael Pemberton: How Business Architecture Teams Can Leverage Graphic Recording and Facilitation for Greater Success – Part 2

15-Min With Michael Pemberton

Michael Pemberton

Whynde Kuehn, in this podcast conversation with business and strategy architect, Michael Pemberton, explores real-life graphic technique examples that can be used as creative methods to engage participants, at every level of an organization, to improve communication, understanding, and retention of information.

Michael Pemberton is Chief Consultant at Pellucid Path. With 25 years of experience, Michael has performed work globally in multiple industries. Michael’s clients range from Fortune 100 companies to family-owned businesses. His clients include esteemed organizations such as Disney, The Hartford, Barclay’s Bank, and United Services Auto Association (USAA). Industry diversity includes communications, U.S. Department of Defense, financial services, manufacturing, logistics, quick service restaurants, and entertainment. Michael's specialties include graphic recording, graphic facilitation, business simulation, business architecture, and strategy. Michael has deep experience in transforming businesses using well-established practices, his own proprietary methodologies, and cutting-edge techniques.


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