StarFinder: Business Architect Placement Services

Serving Business Architecture Practice Leaders and Practitioners

S2E Transformation understands the challenges involved in finding that perfect match between the right business architect and the right opportunity. The selection process can be daunting in the highly specialized and emerging field of business architecture. S2E offers expertise designed to help you navigate the sea of tough questions: Where do organizations find great business architects? How does one identify a true business architect? How do business architects find great organizations in which to work? How does one know an organization is serious about the discipline? How do we know we share the same understanding of business architecture and how to approach it?

Enter S2E Business Architect Placement Services—or what we call StarFinder. Whether you are an organization looking to hire a great business architect for your team, or a business architect in search of your next big opportunity, we think that you will find there is no one in the world that comes close to our level of specialization, experience, expansive network, or passion in this arena.

StarFinder For Organizations

Is your organization looking for business architect talent? StarFinder for Organizations is ideal for companies that are looking to hire a single, highly experienced business architect to establish your practice, expand your team, or rapidly scale your practice by hiring many business architects at one time. Our placement services assist you to find business architects and strengthen your team—saving your organization significant time and frustration—and ensures that you find top talent that is aligned to true business architecture principles.

Business Architect Placement

A comprehensive offering to source and manage business architect candidates that meet your hiring needs. We work with you to understand business architecture in your environment and the business architect role and profile you are looking for. We then present high-quality candidates that match your needs and help transition in the right selection. We orchestrate the entire process with care and speed.

Business Architecture Team Advisory Services

An assessment and/or consulting focused on helping you to accelerate or improve your business architecture team. Business architecture teams require special know-how and some unique approaches. We can help you with any and all aspects of your team such as business architect role definition, recruiting processes, on-boarding and training process and curriculum, organizational structure design, individual performance assessment or team dynamics.

Learn practical guidance and valuable best practices to guide your efforts to establish a business architecture team within your organization.

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StarFinder For Business Architects

Are you a talented business architect looking for new opportunities? Whether you are looking to move into the business architect role for the first time or leverage your business architecture experience for a new challenge, StarFinder For Business Architects is for you. We offer services that help you find and prepare for opportunities. This saves you significant time, gives you the flexibility to move to a new opportunity when you are ready, and ensures you find an organization who is serious about investing in business architecture and using it for real business results.

Business Architecture Opportunity Search

A recruiting service tailored to you. We work with you to understand your business architecture experience, career goals and situation. We then present opportunities that match your needs and help you transition into the right one.

Business Architect Role Coaching

A customized one-on-one program to help you prepare for your next business architect role or develop yourself more fully for your current one. We can help you with any and all aspects from sharpening your knowledge of the business architecture discipline and role, to resume and interview preparation, to career path coaching.

Ready to get started? Contact us and we will let you know what opportunities are available, what we need from you and what to expect.

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