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Business architecture teamWe Serve Business Architecture Practice Leaders and Teams

S2E has a long and successful track record working with clients to create and strengthen an organization business architecture practice for successful strategy execution. Using our established methodology, we can assist your team with crucial areas, like developing a case for business architecture, building the business architecture knowledgebase, applying business architecture for value, maturing the business architecture practice, and supporting the business architecture practitioners.

S2E is the place to go for leadership, advisory, hands-on assistance, best practices, and resources to grow your business architecture practice.

Our Business Architecture Practice Offerings

Business Architecture Practice Assessment

A business architecture maturity assessment for existing practices or a readiness assessment for new practices. This comprehensive assessment provides an objective third-party perspective on your practice’s progress, value, and opportunities. Follow on with a Business Architecture Practice Roadmap to make the findings actionable.

Business Architecture Practice Roadmap

An executable roadmap to establish or mature your business architecture practice, in the most value-focused and practical way. May be combined with a Business Architecture Practice Assessment.

Business Architecture Knowledgebase Jumpstart

A perfect combination for organizations who are establishing a new business architecture practice, which includes a combination of education, a readiness assessment, business case development, and practice planning that leaves you with an executable roadmap and a jump start on key deliverables

Business Architecture Practice Consulting

A flexible consulting arrangement to guide and/or help you create any aspect of your business architecture practice from blueprint development to role and team structure definition to integration with other parts of the organization.

Business Architecture Case Development

The creation of a case for business architecture customized to your organization’s unique challenges, opportunities, positioning and dynamics. Also includes presenting briefings and performing other activities as needed to help you socialize and build advocacy for business architecture.

Business Architecture Knowledgebase Assessment

An assessment of any existing business architecture blueprints and knowledgebase content you have created for alignment to industry standards and best practices. May include assessment of any types of blueprints such as capability maps, value streams and information maps, as well as knowledgebase scope, structure, and relationships. This assessment provides an objective third-party perspective on the industry alignment, usability, and scalability of your business architecture knowledgebase as well as recommendations for improvement. Applies whether you are just getting started or have a robust knowledgebase already in place.

Business Architecture Knowledgebase Jumpstart

A short series of workshops and coaching to help you quickly get one or more of your baseline business architecture blueprints in place, such as a capability map and/or value streams, and learn the tricks of the trade in the process.

Business Architecture Engagement

Hands-on assistance with an engagement to put business architecture in practice. See our Strategy Execution offerings for a few examples, though we will work with you upfront to identify and shape the right engagement for your organization. We can lead the engagement or work alongside you, providing an ideal way for you to learn how to do business architecture from an expert and help you get a win, or just supplement the capacity on your team.

Business Architecture Advisory Services

A flexible arrangement where we are “on call” to provide guidance, review, research or education on all things business architecture to your team, executive leaders or any other business or IT teams with whom you partner. 

Business Architecture Education

See our Business Architecture Education offerings for more information. Also see our companion site, Biz Arch Mastery, for additional business architecture content, tools, and accelerators

Business Architect Placement Services

Whether you are starting or scaling your team, our placement services assist you to find business architects—saving you significant time and frustration—and ensuring that you find top talent that is aligned to true business architecture principles.

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