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Survey any study available on the top reasons why business and digital transformation fail in an organization, and there’s one commonality: the failure is not because of the technology. S2E knows that digital transformation is business transformation first and foremost. That is why our approach to transformation is strategic, business- and customer-focused, holistic, and architecture-driven. We don’t promise a solution that will transform your organization overnight, but we do have the rare experience and skill sets to do the hard work with you that requires the discipline to define, achieve, adopt, and sustain your transformation—whether you are just beginning the journey or well on your way.

The breadth and depth of our experience in enterprise transformation cross a wide range of business drivers. Our specialty is digital transformations and customer-centric transformations (i.e., shifting from a product, silo-driven organization to a customer-driven experience). As part of that, we can work across your business ecosystem to architect your transformation with other organizations, such as in cases of partnerships, joint ventures, mergers or acquisitions.

We are the place to go for leadership and advisory on how to orchestrate your business and digital transformation from end-to-end, with a strategic, holistic, and architecture-driven approach that delivers results to the business and the customer.

Our Business and Digital Transformation Offerings

Optimizing Transformation

Optimizing Your Transformation Approach

The offerings below focus on your overall approach to business and digital transformation, to help you understand where you are today, what opportunities exist for improved results, and how you can get there.

Digital Readiness Assessment

A digital readiness assessment measures the aptness of your organization to take on the intense activity of digital transformation. The assessment looks at your organization holistically, assessing your strategic, cultural, structural and operational state to determine its readiness and provides leaders with insights that will guide your change efforts.

If your organization is just about to embark on a digital (or business) transformation, the assessment can help you to understand your level of preparedness and accelerate your progress by ensuring that you take the right path. If you are already on your transformation journey, the assessment is equally valuable, helping you to understand where you are as well as diagnose and resolve any challenges that may inhibit you from achieving your desired results. Follow on with a Business Transformation Optimization Roadmap to make the findings actionable.

This assessment is conducted independently by the Institute for Digital Transformation, of which S2E is an affiliate. The Institute provides objective third-party, industry-based assessment results, for which we work with you to facilitate, interpret and act upon.


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Business Transformation Office Assessment

An assessment of your business/digital transformation office focused on the effectiveness of your structures and approaches for defining, translating, planning, executing, measuring and sustaining transformation. This assessment may be taken separately or in combination with the Digital Readiness Assessment. Follow on with a Business Transformation Optimization Roadmap to make the findings actionable.

Business Transformation Optimization Roadmap

An executable roadmap to address challenges and leverage opportunities for optimizing your approach to business/digital transformation both at a macro level as well as for specific activities and teams. May be combined with a Digital Readiness Assessment and/or a Business Transformation Office Assessment.

Digital Readiness Training

An introduction to the Fundamentals of Digital Transformation and the foundations of a digital enterprise, including Operational Sustainability, Organizational Agility, Strategic Agility and Disruptive Culture. This course is designed for those looking for an introduction to digital transformation, as well as managers and executives who seek a deeper understanding of digital transformation and what it takes to be ready.

This training is provided by the Institute for Digital Transformation, of which S2E is an affiliate. The Institute provides objective third-party, industry-based digital transformation educational content.



Enabling Transformation

Enabling Your Transformation

The consulting and advisory service offerings below focus on how we can guide and help you throughout your journey to define, achieve, adopt, and sustain a specific business and digital transformation. Our flexible consulting arrangements may include but are not limited to advisory services, hands-on participation, content review, deliverable creation or workshops.

Define: Business/Digital Transformation Strategy and Business Model

In order to define transformation, organizations need a way to reimagine the art of the possible from a true business perspective. Starting with your business objectives and outcomes, this service helps you to define or refine your business/digital transformation strategy and business model, to ensure clarity of direction for all the other steps that will follow.

Achieve: Business/Digital Transformation Architecting and Planning

To achieve transformation, organizations need a way to understand where they are today, and architect, communicate, execute and measure changes across business units and products—for potentially the largest scope they have encountered to date. This service helps you translate your direction into actionable plans, by identifying the comprehensive changes necessary to all facets of business and technology, scoping and structuring the transformation, creating business and technology designs, and defining a strategic roadmap(s) for execution across the enterprise and its business ecosystem. The results are a shared vision of the future and a roadmap to get there, which is focused on doing the right things in the most effective way.

Adopt: Business/Digital Transformation Organizational Change Management

To adopt transformation, organizations need real, deliberate change management to help people through the change and shift the culture—and from the beginning, not as an afterthought. This service helps you to understand the full scope of change and its implications, and act upon it accordingly with all stakeholders, from beginning to end.

Sustain: Strategy Execution Optimization

To sustain transformation, organizations ultimately need to reshape how they execute strategy as well as the underlying structures and culture to embed an enterprise mindset, disruptive culture and continuous evolution approach into the DNA of the organization. We can help you optimize your strategy execution from end-to-end, creating overall organizational agility and competitive advantage, or just focus on certain activities like strategy translation or portfolio management. See our Strategy Execution Offerings for more information.

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