White Papers

A New Vision For Strategy Execution

External Resource: Cutter Consortium

13 April 2017

This Executive Update (available to Cutter members only) casts a new vision upon strategy execution, an organizational capability that not only helps to ensure survival but can also be a source of competitive advantage.

The Business Architecture Practice: A Practical Approach to Establish and Mature Your Internal Practice

22 February 2017

Designed for Business Architecture Practice Leaders and Business Architecture Practitioners, this S2E Transformation white paper provides a pragmatic perspective on how to establish and mature a business architecture practice.

Business Architecture: Dispelling Ten Common Myths

27 October 2016

Business architecture is a maturing discipline and drawing significant interest from a variety of organizations worldwide. It serves as a bridge between strategy and execution, making activities such as business transformation, enterprise planning, portfolio management, and mergers and acquisitions more strategic and effective.

Business Architecture and the Customer Experience: A Comprehensive Approach for Turning Customer Needs Into Action

External Resource: Business Architecture Guild

1 October 2016

A Business Architecture Guild white paper for which Whynde Kuehn, S2E Founder, was a co-author. This foundational white paper establishes the relationship between business architecture and customer experience. Forthcoming papers will explore this relationship in more depth.

Business-Driven Digital Transformation

External Resource: Cutter Consortium

19 September 2016

More than just a bullet point in a strategy session or the current buzzword, digital transformation begins with big visions and strategies, but the organizations that can execute upon them in a coordinated way, with agility, will win. S2E Principal, Whynde Kuehn, served as guest editor for the August/September double-issue of Cutter IT Journal, focused on business-driven digital transformation. Kuehn’s introduction provides an overview of how to approach digital transformation from a truly top-down, business-driven perspective and sets the tone for the Journal.

An unabridged, complimentary copy of the Cutter Business Technology Journal may be accessed from the Cutter site.