White Papers

Business Architecture and the Customer Experience: A Comprehensive Approach for Turning Customer Needs Into Action

External Resource: Business Architecture Guild

1 October 2016

A Business Architecture Guild white paper for which Whynde Kuehn, S2E Founder, was a co-author. This foundational white paper establishes the relationship between business architecture and customer experience. Forthcoming papers will explore this relationship in more depth.

Business-Driven Digital Transformation

External Resource: Cutter Consortium

19 September 2016

More than just a bullet point in a strategy session or the current buzzword, digital transformation begins with big visions and strategies, but the organizations that can execute upon them in a coordinated way, with agility, will win. S2E Principal, Whynde Kuehn, served as guest editor for the August/September double-issue of Cutter IT Journal, focused on business-driven digital transformation. Kuehn’s introduction provides an overview of how to approach digital transformation from a truly top-down, business-driven perspective and sets the tone for the Journal.

An unabridged, complimentary copy of the Cutter Business Technology Journal may be accessed from the Cutter site.

Maturing a Business Architecture Practice: The Promise and the Path

External Resource: Cutter Consortium

16 June 2016

In this Executive Update (available to Cutter members only), business architecture practitioners are offered a clear vision of what a fully mature business architecture practice looks like, the value it brings to the organization, and a practical perspective on how to get there.

Business Architecture: Setting the Record Straight

1 July 2015

A reprint of Chapter 2, Part 1 of the book, Business and Dynamic Change: The Arrival of Business Architecture, Published by Future Strategies, Inc. Copyright © 2015 William M. Ulrich and Whynde Kuehn.

Defining Value Proposition: What’s the Soul of Your Business Architecture

External Resource: Business Architecture Guild

1 June 2015

A presentation by S2E Founder, Whynde Kuehn, at the Business Architecture Guild Innovation Summit in June 2015 in Berlin. The presentation covers the value proposition of business architecture and how to communicate it.

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