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S2E Consulting Inc. Launches Blog StraightTalk Aimed at Business Architecture Community

S2E Transformation formally announced StraightTalk, a professional blog devoted to the advancement of business architecture. Authored by long-time business architecture practitioner, educator, and industry thought leader, Whynde Kuehn, StraightTalk combines the latest discourse on the topic of business architecture, coupled with years of professional experience gained at leading Fortune 500 enterprises.

The blog targets aspiring, new business architects as well as experienced practitioners. For novices, StraightTalk surveys information quickly and logically, with complete and easy-to-understand terminology. Veteran business architects are able to align their knowledge with the latest thinking. Response to the publication has been favorable:

“I pay close attention to communication styles and effectiveness, and [StraightTalk] is outstanding,”— Pete C.

“[StraightTalk] is rich with good information. The segments are short and easy to read. Thank you for the reference documents, where I can continue at my own pace,” — Casey G.

Additional information on StraightTalk is available at bit.ly/about-straight-talk.

Read the full Marketwired press release.

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